Boise: A Great Place For Fine Tunes

Boise Idaho, a city of around 200,000 citizens, and notoriously popular for our senators, has much more to offer than bathroom etiquette.  The thriving music scene in Boise is continuing to draw big name bands such as, John Mayer, Billy Joel, Widespread Panic and many others.  While Boise enjoys big names lavishing their attention on our great city, and the ability to hear their great music, Boise also has a local music scene erupting with talent, and infusing the city with new life. 

Musicians and bands such as Douglas Cameron, Farmdog, Tom Taylor to name just a few have been electrifying fans with their unique and popular sounds for years in Boise.  While some musicians who start out here are now moving on to play on the national scene, others are just starting up. 

Boise Musicians Review is on the hunt for such talented individuals or groups, to spotlight and share with the rest of the world.

So bring it on Boise, and we will showcase your amazing talent!



2 responses to “Boise: A Great Place For Fine Tunes

  1. Dear Boise Musicians Review,

    I recently moved to Boise and am seeking out the music scene and other creative people. Just released a new CD under my duo “Simbino” and would love for you to take a listen for a potential review. The link is:

    Most of my music has been under my solo name Stephanie Simon, including music on WB’s award winning show, “Smallville.”

    Let me know if you would like more information and I can drop off a presskit and CD. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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