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Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or if ou would like to be a contributing writer at:

You can also post a comment below if you would rather.


3 responses to “Contact Us

  1. How do musicians get recognized by your orginization? I am just recently starting to publicly share my music, and have been going by the name Torrid Sage. My name is Brian Porter. I think it is great what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. Let em know how to get mor involved. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your support, The first thing to do is to contact us, either like you did by posting comment or by emailing us at . We do ask that in your e-mails to us to include a link to your website or myspace account so we can start the review process.

  3. I am writing to see if there might be a way to sponsor new upcoming talent at our facility
    each week. We would do the advertising and
    offer the facility free. If there are artists that
    may want to be involved we may beable to cross sponsor and help each other. Here and in SLC.
    Allan Flint
    Cell 801-688-2270

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